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Hear ye! Hear Ye! The Yoga Journal Cometh

This comes as good news to all Yoga advocates and enthusiasts worldwide. The Yoga Journal can be accessed on the net, and yes, it is a wellspring of information and testimonials on, what else but, yoga.

The Yoga Journal's home page is all about what's new and hot on modern-day yoga. It lists conferences that a follower could register to or could sponsor. It also posts the workshops that are available for members or non-members alike.

The second portion is the 'New to Yoga' section. This introduces yoga to beginners. On this section, one could learn the basics and most commonly asked questions. It also lists the branches of yoga, the well-known eight limbs, and yoga styles. It also has a sub-section which posts advice by experts on several queries or issues. There is also a fun part where the person surfing could answer quizzes and view the do's and dont's.

The third section is solely for Poses. It gives the surfer an opportunity to browse the different types of poses, their therapeutic benefits and contraindications. One could do a simple or advanced search on the following:

Plank pose, Downward-Facing dog, Handstand, Half Moon, Bound Angle, Crane, Cobra, Fish, Lord of the Dance, Lotus, Full Boat, Gate, Hero, Tree, Featheared Peacock, Supported Headstand, Noose, Locust, etc...just to name a few.

The fourth, is the Practice section. This section focuses on anatomy and techniques on pranayama. There are also articles that discuss the different ways of practicing yoga. A sub-section, called cross training, features yoga applied to different sports.

The Health section discusses the treatments for common illnesses, how some herbs have healing properties, and much more. The sub-sections are holistic healing, beauty, philosophy, recipes, research,healthy eating, and ayurveda.

The section on Wisdom explores the tradition and philosophies of yoga, its pioneers, and Philip Moffitt's pieces of advice (he is, by the way, a teacher of spirituality).

The Meditation section, much like the Wisdom section, highlights emotional and spiritual wellness. It incorporates the practices, exercise methods and techniques to everyday life.

The Views section looks at issues that affect the community of yoga followers and teachers alike. It posts master teacher interviews, the latest books regarding yoga, compact discs, videos, also picks made by editors. The 'yoga current events' such as Hollywood Yoga, how to apply yoga in your workplace, or how yoga could have an anaesthetic effect on you could also be found on this section. The reviews on artistic 'yoga' works takes a portion, too.

The Travel section is, basically, a guide to famous destinations and vacations, adventures, and retreats for yoga enthusiasts all over the world. One could get travel tips and the list of city tours around the U.S.

The For Teachers section can be accessed by members only. Once registered, members can receive the My Yoga Mentor monthly newsletter. Members could also take a peek at upcoming events and shops that offer the latest in yoga accessories and equipments.

The last section is the Parenting section. It features parenting skills, techniques and philosophies to raise healthy babies (both emotionally and physically). Unlike the separate section for Poses, the poses discussed here are basic and are meant for children. Every possible issue that could be raised out of parenting or family could be discussed here.


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