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Ken Evoy MD

Ken Evoy

Dr. Ken Evoy, SiteSell
President and CEO

What's the most common thing you hear anyone say about business on the Web nowadays?

"No one's making any money at it!" Right?


Meet Ken Evoy, emergency physician and successful toy inventor. Dr. Evoy is also now a highly successful Web marketer/salesman.

Ken is a Canadian physician who formerly taught and practiced emergency medicine at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Until November, 1996, he knew little about the World Wide Web.

Prior to that, he and his wife designed toys and games. Before becoming "Web-sessed," they sold 23 of their inventions to large companies around the world, generating millions of dollars in royalty revenues along the way.

When their second daughter was born, they stopped traveling the world, and settled down in affluent Hudson, Quebec, 30 minutes outside of Montreal. He still practices medicine at a local walk-in clinic, but in his own words, "as a part-time hobby that I love."

In late 1996, he "accidentally" became interested in the Internet. He had started writing a computer program for an investing hobby that started from a rather unusual theory.

In the six years before that, he had developed a successful investing strategy in a highly specialized "niche" market. Due to time constraints, he used the strategy infrequently. Despite that, this "occasional hobby" grew an original $5,000 experimental stake into more than $150,000. But by late 1996, his strategy could not identify any strong investment candidates.

Dr. Evoy explains, "So I decided to use the Internet to broaden the choice. I gathered all my loose-strewn notes and rough database... and converted that chaos into the "ultimate software." Originally intended for my own use, I planned to use the software and the Internet to generate more high-potential investments."

However, like a lot of other people, the Internet absolutely captivated him. "It's the digital Wild West. Right now, everyone has the same chance to successfully market a product on the Web," says Dr. Evoy.

While surfing the Web, Dr. Evoy realized that he had "the whole world sitting on my desktop." He saw the Web as the ultimate niche-marketing vehicle. He figured that if his software product was of interest to him, it would be of interest to others on the Web.

Ken Evoy

So he said, "Let's see if it's actually possible to sell something on the Web"...

He realized right from DAY 1 that his investing software, which he called 'PennyGold', would be virtually impossible to sell! "You will never have to sell a product as difficult-to-sell as my first Web product."

Dr. Evoy knew he would have to convince people to buy a product that most would view skeptically. "and well they should" he sagely advises. So he set about reading books on copywriting, writing direct response letters, and Web marketing. He surfed through countless commercial Web sites, looking for the strongest common elements that worked. He spent a full year learning the theory, "then pushing it to the next level."

"I tried just about everything that looked or sounded reasonable. I kept what worked, and dropped the rest.

"I could see immediately that I could control the result. I understood that if I had a great product and then designed a site that would sell effectively, and then attract targeted traffic, the project would succeed.

"I knew that I had a great piece of software (I loved and used it regularly, and made money with it). But there were still two big questions...

  • Could I design a site that would sell this near impossible to sell project?

  • Could I attract customers?
"I was not sure about the answers to these two questions at that time, 'way back' in late 1996. But I am now."

Dr. Evoy launched the PennyGold Web site in November, 1997. What happened?

"Since our launch in 1997, I have proven that the answers to both of those questions has been a resounding YES!"

The net result? The PennyGold project netted (after expenses, which are minimal) Dr. Evoy and his wife over $1,000 per day; up to $5,000 some days.

"Total overhead is $50 per month!" says Dr. Evoy gleefully.

That the good doctor would build on this success was inevitable. He loves to teach and he has much experience in the field. From his PennyGold project learning experience he discovered…

"There is so much bad info out there, written by people who've never sold a thing on the Web. I decided to take all I had learned and tie it into one neat package that can truly teach anyone how to sell on the Web."

While marketing that first product on the Web, a 2-year trial-and-error process developed into a tight, battlefield-tested, Net-selling system that works... and will work for you, no matter what you're trying to sell on the Web.

That system became Make Your Site Sell! (MYSS!). And to make a longish story short, MYSS! became the 'Bible of Net-selling.' And it also went on to become the foundation for an entire range of products from

And now it's bigger and better than ever! It's also FREE - more on that later.

Make Your Site Sell! 2002 (MYSS! 2002)

Make Your Site Sell! 2002 (MYSS! 2002)

"But I still think back to that first, 'impossible-to-sell' product -- it forced me to become a tested-and-proven expert in attracting targeted customers and making sites with SALES POWER.

"Whatever it is that you are selling, your product will be easier to sell than my first product...
... far easier."

Dr. Evoy certainly does know how to sell on the Web. He has been featured in local and national media, on topics ranging from medicine and toys to investing and the Web. Today is probably the most famous and respected one man (and his wife) band, 'Small Business' still around and growing successfully at an unbelievable rate.

The best news? Dr Evoy claims that absolutely anyone can do this.

"The beauty of a Web business is that it can all be done by one or two people," claims this Web-battle-hardened M.D. "It's a wonderful husband-and-wife project. And it can easily become a larger income generator than your current occupation."

He goes on to add, "To win on the Web, you only have to do three things well to succeed…

1) Create a great product.

2) Write a Web site that sells with deadly effectiveness.

3) Attract motivated buyers to your Web site."

The enthusiastic, excitable medic adds in the same breath, "And here's the best news of all. Each of those three things are completely do-able. I didn't know that when I started our Web business, but I know it now!"

Make Your SITE SELL! 2002.

Anyone, no matter how low-tech they may be, can take this book, follow the steps, and use it to help them build a successful Web business of their very own.

The book, Make Your Site Sell! 2002, used to be priced at $29.95 (USD). Even at that price it over-delivered. Did you notice I'm talking in the past tense? How much will this, still leader in its field, cost you today? Nothing. Really, nothing. IT'S FREE, and you don't even have to give your e-mail address or anything to get it. Just click the link, nip over to Ken's old sales page and you can download it from there. Yes, really it's FREE!

Just in case you missed that…

Yes, it really is FREE - there is absolutely no commitment of any kind! Help yourself, read and enjoy.

Why is it free? Because time has moved on and 'Make Your Site Sell! 2002' is no longer the flagship product of Their flagship is now Site Build It! (see below). But Ken tells you all about this over at his site. Go download yourself the Bible of Selling on the Net. You have nothing to loose.

Before closing this Bio of Ken Evoy let's remember that "Make Your Site Sell!" was the book that started everything. It followed from the PennyGold learning experience.

However, today's product range covers all the main topics of doing business on the Internet. The prices are extremely competitive and as always the subject matter is dealt with professionally and thoroughly.

Just look at this impressive line up...

Make Your Words Sell! (MYWS!)
Make Your Words Sell! (MYWS!)
"Want to sell MORE? Become an e-persuader."

Make Your Knowledge Sell! (MYKS!)
Make Your Knowledge Sell! (MYKS!)
"Turn knowledge into revenue."

Make Your Net Auction Sell! (MYNAS!)
Make Your Net Auction Sell! (MYNAS!)  NOW FREE
"An e-biz in every closet... Get into Auction Action!"

Make Your Price Sell! (MYPS!)
Make Your Price Sell! (MYPS!)
"Price with complete confidence."

Site Build It!
Site Build It!
A very special all-in-one Web hosting system of tools that makes it quick and easy for anyone (from savvy pro to complete newbie) to build a professional, popular, and profitable Web site.

Site Build It! is uniquely different. It's a good idea to see what people who actually use it have to say. I urge you to visit:

Site Build It! Case Studies

where you can see for yourself just exactly what can be achieved with the Site Build It! tools.

and of course,     The now FREE…

Make Your Site Sell! 2002 (MYSS! 2002)
Make Your Site Sell! 2002 (MYSS! 2002)
"The definitive work on making ANY Web site SELL!"

A couple of things before closing.

First another two FREE eBooks from

1. Make Your Links WORK!

Want to know about search engines and linking?

Click Here - FREE - "Make Your Links WORK!"

You will find the download link under Tip #2 on the SiteSell Value Exchange Web page.

Building a link program is only a very small part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And SEO is only a fraction of what's involved in building a successful online business.

This book is very thorough - Give yourself the edge and learn from the best.

2. Make Your Content PREsell!

Connect with your visitor. "Make Your Content PREsell!" ("MYCPS!"), shows you how to do exactly that. Formerly sold separately, or as part of Site Build It!, Make Your Content PREsell! can now be downloaded totally FREE.

Click Here - FREE - "Make Your Content PREsell!"

Pre-selling is an "absolute must have" skill. MYCPS! is "the anti-hype authority" which calmly shows you how to write about what you know and love. You will understand how to profit from your copy fairly, and give full-value for money. Everything you write will be much more effective.

And last but not least: have now created a new division called 'SiteSell Services'. This service division is for those businesses that want to concentrate on their business whilst having a professional and "successful" Internet presence. SiteSell Service will do it all for you and allow you to get on with what you do best.

To find out more visit:

SiteSell Services

SiteSell Services provide turn-key Web sites that produce results. Specialists use the proven Site Build It! system, to build top-quality, high-traffic Web sites in an organized, professional manner.

Do take a look at these products before you consider anything else. You won't regret it.

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