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Neil Shearing, B. Sc.

Linda & Neil with baby son Adam.

Neil Shearing is the author of the acclaimed "Internet Success Blueprint". The book is aptly named for it really is a 'blueprint' for success on the Internet. When I bought this e-book late last year (2002) I was not disappointed but I was a little angry.

In a subsequent e-mail to Neil I wrote; "It's a great book - BUT, where were you several years ago, it could have saved me so much blood, sweat and tears!"

Yet again life had done it to me. I had to discover how to do things (no not things, EVERYTHING!) on the Internet all by myself. It was long, hard and painful, not to mention costly and all the while this book of Neil's was available on the Internet. I just didn't know. Groan! Why does life do this to me?

Well I know now and if you are just starting out save yourself the pain and expense. Get Neil's book, he really does show you how. He takes you step by step at an easy pace using as many cost free methods as humanly possible. He states on the first page, "This Incredible Manual Shows You How To Start With ZERO DOLLARS!"

CLICK HERE - for more details.

So, who is Neil Shearing and what do we know about him?

Well that's Neil at the top there with his wife Linda and their son Adam, a new arrival when that picture was taken in 2000. Neil met Linda in Ohio (where she's from) and they now live in England (where he's from). Adam was born on 4th August 2000, and weighed in at 7 lbs. 1 oz. Neil's words; "What an incredible experience that was!

Neil holds a Ph.D. in Cancer Research, specifically on how human breast cancer cells become resistant to anticancer drugs. He did his Ph.D. studies at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee, Scotland.

Previous to living in Dundee, he also worked in labs in Toledo, Ohio and Chicago, Illinois. His scientific paper from work in Chicago, and other reports including a PDF version of his thesis are available should you be interested. (Just visit his Internet Success Portal page and click on the link at the very top that reads, 'About Neil Shearing'. That page has links to all his research work).

Neil says he has always been fascinated by the Internet, "It's an amazing tool for writing and selling informational products (e-books) and software. You can make a lot of money when your product costs nothing to produce and nothing to ship!" He should know, he's being doing just that since 1996!

In 1997 Neil started work on the ScamFreeZone, a consumer protection resource, to try to help combat the huge number of scams online. It has been very successful, and is now ranked in the top 6,000 websites for traffic, according to

Not long after creating the ScamFreeZone in 1997, Neil started the "Internet Success Newsletter". It's now in it's fifth year...that's an eternity online! Over 31,000 subscribers get a copy of the newsletter; delivered every Friday.

Speaking of his phenomenally successful e-book, "Internet Success Blueprint", Neil says, "I wrote the Internet Success Blueprint to share the success I've discovered with people who want to use the power of the Internet to earn money online. As part of my background reading, I've purchased every similar e-book I could find. I know that my e-book has several unique features that make it a totally original product. You won't find such a simple and powerful success blueprint anywhere... especially at just $27!"

In 1999 Neil moved things forward by launching an associate program to help people benefit from selling his e-book to others. Yet again it has been a phenomenal success! As a result Neil spoke about it as one of a panel of "merchant experts" at the Affiliate Solutions 2001 Seminar in London on February 14th along with famous affiliate expert Declan Dunn.

Recently Neil has added more product to the "Internet Success" line-up. In April 2001, he launched Internet Success Diamonds which contains the top three success secrets from TEN of the top Internet marketers. The line-up has to be seen to be believed. Already Michael Campbell, author of "Nothing But Net" has called it "one of the most powerful ebooks ever written"!

In May 2001, Neil launched Internet Success Spider, (UPDATE Feb' 2009 - This software is now FREE) a truly original piece of software that tracks down SUPER Affiliates for any site you choose. This tool allows you to find the professionals.. the people online who really know how to make sales. "Spider" also comes with his "Irresistible Formula" report, which explains and illustrates how to get Super Affiliates to work with you. Allan Gardyne, of said of the report, "Neil, you certainly know EXACTLY how to charm super affiliates". With this "double whammy" of software and report, anyone can find Super Affiliates to help them generate phenomenal sales!

All three products are part of the associate program which pays out 50% on all products and a further 10% on "sub-sales". To find out more about Neil's associate program click the following, Internet Success Associate Program.

In June 2001, Neil introduced the first of what he called - Internet Success Snippets, these are powerful little infotips, specially written for his customers.

In July 2001, the Internet Success Forum was launched, as was the hub site, "Internet Success Portal", and Neil's consultancy service, Internet Success Consultant!

February 2002, "Yahoo Exposed", was launched. This is a small ebook which details how Neil went from nothing to a website with a number one ranking at Yahoo (for a search term he chose) in just 14 days! Yahoo Exposed was a great success! People loved to buy the reprint rights for just $49 and sell Yahoo Exposed at their site and keep all the profits!

In partnership with Peter Twist, a professional voice-over artist, Neil launched "Internet Success Interviews" in March 2002... people really like to HEAR the information directly from the experts... and Peter did a great job interviewing them!
More Details Here

More recently, in November 2002 Neil launched his Private Site containing huge amounts of top-quality marketing info and experts standing by to help people sell their products and services. It's been a big hit and some people have referred to it as the best Internet marketing site online!

So there you have it! Neil Shearing and the "Internet Success" Product Range.

Neil is very busy answering customer e-mails and sending regular bulletins to his newsletter subscribers, customers and associates. He would love to welcome you as one of those soon!

And with products like these and his absolutely insane guarantees you just can't loose.

DM. (May' 2003).

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