January 2022
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Total Commitment & Opportunities

Earlier this week, Tuesday 13th November 2012, Croz Crossley did a post on Facebook that set me off thinking. Finally it got me writing. At first I was just writing for myself but as the piece developed I began to think that perhaps I should make this an entry on my own blog. It . . . → Read More: Total Commitment & Opportunities

Building Self-Confidence

Brave Cat?

I love the picture above for its symbolism. However if it’s genuine and not ‘Photoshopped’ or something then I have to question the morality of the people who set it up. One dissenting dog and nobody could have saved that cat from horrific injuries and probable death. I have had two . . . → Read More: Building Self-Confidence

5 Mindset Traits for Your Success

Success in life, whether it be in business, relationships or sports, requires a specific mindset.

It’s a fact that most people just do not know how powerful their own minds are. They simply don’t realise it’s a major determining factor in their success. Indeed, in any field of human achievement.

Many people fail . . . → Read More: 5 Mindset Traits for Your Success

Self Improvement Discussion 29-Aug-2012

I came across an interesting article this morning by Andrew Grant the CEO of Tirian. ( Whilst the title of Andrew’s article (Memories of a Self-Help Guru) doesn’t reflect it, Andrew discusses some of the prevailing attitudes that bedevil this field of interest.

I maintain Self Improvement does work. Unfortunately despite the popularity of . . . → Read More: Self Improvement Discussion 29-Aug-2012

Self Improvement Allows You to Take Control & Improve Your Life Now

There are many areas in life where we can improve ourselves to become a better person and to have a more meaningful life. It could be in the area of relationships, finances, careers and family. These are the major areas where self improvement will definitely help us to get more out of our lives . . . → Read More: Self Improvement Allows You to Take Control & Improve Your Life Now