Leo Collage – 3 Years With Us Today.

Leo Collage – 3 Years With Us Today, 17-Sep-2015.

Yes, it’s three years today since Leo came to live with us. He’s doing great. He’s 7½ years old now.

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A Great List

In my teens I was trained as an engineer. It’s true I haven’t worked in the industry for many years but there is something about that kind of early training that stays with you for the rest of your life.

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Total Commitment & Opportunities

Earlier this week, Tuesday 13th November 2012, Croz Crossley did a post on Facebook that set me off thinking. Finally it got me writing. At first I was just writing for myself but as the piece developed I began to think that perhaps I should make this an entry on my own blog. It . . . → Read More: Total Commitment & Opportunities