Building Self-Confidence


Brave Cat?

I love the picture above for its symbolism. However if it’s genuine and not ‘Photoshopped’ or something then I have to question the morality of the people who set it up. One dissenting dog and nobody could have saved that cat from horrific injuries and probable death. I have had two cats killed by domestic pet dogs roaming unchecked in packs. Believe me, it’s not nice.

Such unpleasantries aside the power of brash superior self confidence (or plain utter stupidity I suppose, depending on your point of view) just oozes from this image. (Yes, one does have to ignore the fact that the cat probably had no choice in the matter, if the picture is genuine of course.)

It’s true this picture has been floating around the Internet for several years but if you view it from a positive point of view it really does do a great job of capturing the essence of fearlessness or confidence.

What does this mean for us? Well, isn’t it true that a person with a strong confident manner is considered to be a person with an impressive personality. Such people are usually the ‘doers’, the ones who make things happen, they are the achievers in this world.

You want to be one of them? Then you have to work on self improvement at all times, because that’s what really helps you grow as an individual, and for that, you will need to work at improving your self-confidence. But, what are the ways in which you can do that?

Learn To Confront Your Fears

No person in this world is without apprehension. You might be skeptical about achieving a particular thing, or you may be fazed by some weakness that lies within you. These are your fears. They are the detrimental factors in building your personality. The first step towards beginning to improve your self-confidence is to be truthful to yourself and understand what it is that hampers your growth as an individual.

When you know what your fears are, you will automatically know what you can do about it. If your fears are about your work, then all you need to do is to concentrate on the results you want to achieve.

These are the results you want, so, what must you do to achieve them? In your mind, find the answers. When you know for sure what methods you need to adopt to achieve the results you want, you will become much more confident about them. Your conviction levels will automatically increase.

Nothing Succeeds Like Success

The sub-heading above has been described as a proverb expressing the idea that success breeds further success. There is a lot of truth in it because one of the best ways to achieve self-confidence is through achievement. If you achieve something, however small, you become confident that you can do it. Even if your achievement is minor, it gears you for the bigger things. Having done something once is a great motivation for doing the same kind of thing again. So, don’t be hesitant to try new things. Try whatever you can within your field of work, or passion. It is these small achievements that will egg you on for greater glories.

Always keep working at self-improvement. You must amass as much knowledge in your field as you can. Read about the famous people in your field. See how they went about their achievements. This gives you great inspiration to surge ahead as well.

When you are building your self-confidence, these are the things that really work. Be better acquainted with your own pluses and minuses and don’t let that spirit dwindle. Soon, people are going to think of you as a stronger, more confident person.

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