I Missed The Boat

Missed the Boat

I’m stunned. I find that it’s been well over a year since I last wrote anything on this blog. I knew I hadn’t written anything for a long time so it was my intention to write something on the 23rd July, exactly one year from my last blog post. But I forgot didn’t I. Well, I’ve certainly missed that boat by a good margin haven’t I. Oh well. Nearly 3 months on, we will do something now.

It’s not surprising that I don’t put many entries on this blog. When I set it up its main purpose was for me to teach myself how to install and set up a WordPress blog platform. The blog itself doesn’t really have a focus so I suppose I could actually write about anything I want. I did say somewhere earlier that I would republish some of the blogs from my earlier blogging platform Posterous. That blogging platform was closed down but I did manage to save my posts. Some of them are quite good and remain current or at the very least interesting. So I will make good on that intention anyway.

Okay then, I will try to do better and put something on the blog at least once a month. Dare I say I’ll even try weekly! We will see. Bye for now.

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