Posterous, a simple blogging platform started in May 2008 and based in San Francisco was the “free” platform I chose to use for blog posts that were mostly personal to me. They could be about my life or just a reflection of my thoughts and opinions on anything that caught my fancy at the time.

Posterous was a little different from most of the other free blogging platforms in that you e-mailed your post to the site rather than actually login and type stuff. (Though you could do that too.) I liked it. It was different.

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Shutting Down Posterous & Building PostHaven

In March 2012, Posterous announced that they had been acquired by Twitter.

In February 2013, Posterous announced that they will be shutting down the service on 30 April 2013. Users will be able to back up and export their contents to other blogging platforms.

Posterous founders have promised to open a similar but paid service called Posthaven. Posterous users can export their data to their new Posthaven account. Posthaven have come out with a pledge that they will never be acquired and are not looking for any investors.

Did you see that? Just one year on and Twitter decide to abandon Posterous users. Then the original creators who were no doubt well paid for their product come to the rescue with a promise. A similar but “paid service” called Posthaven. Paid! Did I mention, PAID?

I don’t think so! Especially today when it’s so easy to set up your own free blog site. From now on I’m going to control my own material.

This has caused me to re-think my original aims with the blog I created here on the DaSanKa Web Site. Originally I just did it to teach myself how to set-up and use the free WordPress system. It was an interesting experience but once done I didn’t really know what to do with the new blog. Well, I do now. :-)

I have saved the old posts from Posterous and I’m going to republish some of them here. It will be the personal history type ones and a mixed bunch of the posts I found most interesting.

If you find yourself reading something that sounds familiar that’s why. I’m not going to do it all in one go, just odd items now and again. I hope you like the ones I choose.

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