January 2022
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Tarot Temperance – A Useful Symbol

I like symbols. I always have. They help me make some sort of sense of the world and the things that happen to us. I use many different types of symbols but by far the most used are what I call my 78 Ambassadors. These 78 pictorial energies are what constitute the major . . . → Read More: Tarot Temperance – A Useful Symbol

Leo Collage – 3 Years With Us Today.

Leo Collage – 3 Years With Us Today, 17-Sep-2015.

Yes, it’s three years today since Leo came to live with us. He’s doing great. He’s 7½ years old now.

© 2015 by David J. Meredith.

========================================================= David J. Meredith Not An Authority On Anything. Härnösand den 17 . . . → Read More: Leo Collage – 3 Years With Us Today.

A Sioux Chief Speaks

Quotes To Ponder

Praise, flattery, exaggerated manners and fine, high-sounding words were no part of Lakota politeness. Excessive manners were put down as insincere, and the constant talker was considered rude and thoughtless. Conversation was never begun at once, or in a hurried manner. Children were taught that true politeness was . . . → Read More: A Sioux Chief Speaks

Diminishing Faith

…but it does appear that as man’s critical faculty develops, his ability to give himself up unreservedly in this simple act of faith diminishes. It seems that as man’s reason develops it weakens his faith and, for a time, puts nothing in its place. This I believe is an inevitable stage in development, and . . . → Read More: Diminishing Faith

What Is An Entrepreneur?

People enjoy a lot of comforts as they go through life each day. Have you ever wondered who are responsible for all these life’s comforts? You have to thank the entrepreneurs for it. But, what is an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur has many meanings. If you want to know exactly what it means, just keep . . . → Read More: What Is An Entrepreneur?

I Missed The Boat

I’m stunned. I find that it’s been well over a year since I last wrote anything on this blog. I knew I hadn’t written anything for a long time so it was my intention to write something on the 23rd July, exactly one year from my last blog post. But I forgot didn’t . . . → Read More: I Missed The Boat

A Definite Chief Aim – Napoleon Hill

“It is most appalling to know that ninety-five per cent of the people of the world are drifting aimlessly through life, without the slightest conception of the work for which they are best fitted, and with no conception whatsoever of even the need of such a thing as a definite objective toward which to . . . → Read More: A Definite Chief Aim – Napoleon Hill

The Mexican Fisherman Parable


I’ve seen several versions of this little parable. All are very similar and I have heard that there are some versions that change the nationalities of the characters.

It seems some people become offended at the stereotyping of the Mexican and the American businessman. If you are one . . . → Read More: The Mexican Fisherman Parable


Posterous, a simple blogging platform started in May 2008 and based in San Francisco was the “free” platform I chose to use for blog posts that were mostly personal to me. They could be about my life or just a reflection of my thoughts and opinions on anything that caught my fancy at the . . . → Read More: Posterous

A Great List

In my teens I was trained as an engineer. It’s true I haven’t worked in the industry for many years but there is something about that kind of early training that stays with you for the rest of your life.

I don’t know why. It’s almost a kind of philosophy. A . . . → Read More: A Great List