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(Two Line Biography)

Internetarians and citizens of the planet Earth.
Currently located in the High Coast district of northern Sweden.

There we are above. In the first picture we are seated just outside a hotel situated just above the High Coast Bridge. Quite a landmark in this area. In the second picture we are located just outside our home town of Härnösand in an area where you have a good view across 'Ångermanälven' - the sea/river inlet that is the heart of the province of Ångermanland.

That's me, David, on the left in the first picture. I'm the Webmaster who is creating our Web pages so it's me doing most of the talking here on what we call our DaSanKa Web site.

As you can see, not all Internet geeks are spotty faced teenagers. We are not yet quite what I heard one person call 'recycled teenagers' but yes, we are getting close.

What do most people want to know about a person when they first meet? Well, let's see. Name, age, location, occupation, family, interests, hobbies etc. Sometimes more personal things like religion, opinions and political outlook.

Names are easy. David and Katarina Meredith. Happily married since 1995. No children of our own, though we both have families from earlier marriages. Which of course hints at our ages. Time of writing, September 2009, and I will be 62 later this year. In keeping with good manners and tradition I'm not going to tell you how old Katarina is. Over 50 but not near 60. That's all I'm saying.

Occupations. Katarina is a hotel receptionist and me, I'm a retired hospital supplies manager who loves dabbling on the Internet.

Now some of the other stuff. Well we are normal in so far as we live in a community just like everybody else. We wouldn't have it any other way. We are law abiding citizens who are involved and contributing as best we can. We are not dropouts or extremists or radicals or anything like that but some of our ideas, beliefs and our life viewpoint could be considered 'different' or even 'strange' by some.

We are not competitive people, not in the least. Indeed we bore most people to death because of our lack of interest in sports and other competitive endeavours. Strange, but it is this that most people have a problem with.

Our total lack of interest and our inability to comprehend why vast amounts of humanity are 'obsessed' with 'winning' in games and contests baffles even offends some people. Still, that's us and obviously it will show through in our Web pages. If it offends, sorry. Perhaps it would be best if you sought another Web site.

On the other hand we truly admire everything that is creative and expansive in a life giving way. This drives our passion in everything we do. We see life as being about growth and creative development. Especially the individual. Whilst working together and co-operating is the key to achieving more we recognise that it is the calibre of the individuals involved that makes for high quality results. Goal striving and success achievement do not have to be competitive. A creative vision can achieve wonders without having to pay the price of putting someone else down.

This explains our life long passion for the field of self-improvement and personal development. You will find this to be the major theme of our Web site. A 'Better World Through Better People' is very much our motto. We see this as one of the more important missions we are committed to. If you like it I hope you will join us. How do you do that? Just adopt the motto. Make it a part of your mindset. Contact us. Introduce yourself, say hello. Voice your opinions. Sorry, we are not an organised body. There is no sign-up, nothing to join. Maybe I'll create a forum sometime. Time, yes, that's the problem.

Oh, one other thing. Not only is English my mother language I was raised and educated in England and thus write in British English. If some of the spelling looks odd to you, that's why. Katarina is 100% Swedish. If she writes anything it will probably be filtered through me. Unless you want to see the original Swedish that is.

Well, anyway that's David and Katarina Meredith in a nutshell so to speak. Pleased to meet you and thanks for visiting our Web site.




© 2013 by David J. Meredith.